Sunday, October 24, 2010

It was a Dark and Stormy Night...

Ever since I've fallen in love with Lolita, I've been following several Lolita blogs.  One of my favorites is La Vida Frills. It's not one of your ordinary Lolita blogs with fashion advice, but incorporates her love of film as well.  And after going to a college that is famous for its communications school, I love being introduced to new movies, mainstream or independent.

Catching up on all my blogs, I noticed she had a contest about your "Dream" coordinate, which seems to take a step beyond finding and owning just a "dream" dress.

In addition to anime, I would have to say that Anne Rice introduced me onto the path of Lolita. I was a big fan in high school and throughout college.  Like a typically outcast I dressed gothic, but I leaned towards more Elegant Gothic.  However since I've discovered Lolita I have never dressed gothic at all, so this outfit is homage to my gothic and vampire roots.

If there was ever a dress I would love to own it would be Alice and the Pirates' Vampire Requiem, especially in the red. In addition to being one of the great classics in gothic literature, Dracula is also one of my favorite vampire movies.  I'm a big fan of the Aristocratic side of Lolita so I would wear a simple black high-collared blouse with this JSK. And like a vampire I'm very cold-blooded so a black stole help keep in the heat in any weather.

When it comes to dressing in Lolita, I prefer heels to flats. So as a big fan of Vivienne Westwood shoes and I would love to own any of her Melissa collaborations, particularly the Lady Dragon Wax Seal Shoes in black. With spats from MorriganNYC (all sold out I'm afraid), you can rest assure a little dirt or blood will not touch these shoes.

And what's a vampire without a giant tome to record past lives and never-ending angst? When Innocent World came out with a literal "book" bag, I thought it would go perfect with any gothic coordinate if I ever dreamed of one. I'm also an avid reader and judge books by how many pages, so this would be the best badge of honor I could ever find.

A pair of fingerless gloves to show off rings, and it's an outfit ready for a local ghost tour or stay inside for some red wine and watch Interview with the Vampire for the umpteenth time.

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