Helpful New Yorker

Are you planning to go to the Big Apple? Are you living in New York and you can't think of a thing to do? Here are some helpful links for any New Yorker, Lolita, and the casual tourist who's planning spend their day in the Big Apple.

MTA - Forget taxis.  If you want the true New Yorker experience take the subway.  However there might be issues when going from point A to point B.  Or the train you need to take is just not running this weekend.  So before you're off to go on an adventure check the official New York MTA website in case you want to walk to where you're going.

NYC Street Fairs - This is not your hometown farmer's market.  At least ten blocks of vendors selling whatchamacallits and carnival food it's certainly a great event if you just want to walk and wander. From April to late November there's one every weekend at different locations So check out the schedule and see where there's one nearest to you.

Time Out New York - A go-to site for events, restaurants, and interesting things around the city. Their print magazine is a good source of information and available at newsstands and bookstores if you lack internet capable devices.

Nerd York City - Geek is very "in" right now, and Nerd York City is helping you keep update with events around the city that interests anyone who is looking for something to do that's geeky, artsy, and alternative.

FreeLivingNYC - A website devoted to events around the city where the only requirement is to bring yourself. Best for those frugal travelers or New Yorkers who need to be social butterflies 24/7 and are waiting for their next paycheck.