Lolita and the City was created as a resource for Lolitas and local New Yorkers alike who had a flair for the kitschy and cute side of NYC. New York City is known for it's flashiness of Times Square, the stateliness of the Empire State Building, the media flair of Radio City and Rockefellar.

However what about the side of New York City that appeals to Lolitas? New York City is a fashion capital so it's no wonder that Lolitas want to enjoy this fast-paced city as well. While you can go to the Metropolitan Museum or Central Park, there are other places that Lolitas can enjoy (in peace and the company of friends) beyond the notable tourist areas and events.

Lolitas always up for new things, and in New York City there are a thousand things that can past you by and miss out on. Lolita and the City hopes to expose the cuter, sweeter, and pinker side of NYC. Not only will I try to provide tips on navigating the city, but what's the best way to travel (in or out of Lolita), how to store your closet of brand in a studio-sized apartment, where to find Loliable items in plain sight, and many more.

About the Writer in Frills: 

A twenty-something New Yorker who wanted more out of life and the city. Like every bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college student, she moved to the big city after graduating from Ithaca College with a B.A. in Creative Writing. 

Several years ago she discovered Lolita, a Japanese fashion inspired by the Victorian fashion sense of modesty but with the opulent flair of Marie Antoinette. Wanting to share a different side of New York City - a Lolita side - she decided to create this blog.