Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Year of Lolita and Resolutions

2010 was the Year of the Lolita
Now that Christmas is over, it's onto celebrating the beginning of the end of 2010.

I'm not one for big crowds or standing in the cold for six hours waiting for a ball to drop, so I will be counting down indoors. Perhaps turning on ABC's Rocking New Year's Eve.

This year has been a very good year for me, especially in terms of Lolita.  I acquired three pieces from my "dream dress" wishlist. I've made a whole lot of Lolita friends -- who've now become friends who just happen to be Lolitas. The fashion has slowly integrated into my regular fashion that I can barely tell the difference.

And then I started this blog.

After getting into Lolita, I wanted to create a blog -- but I didn't want those typical Lolita blogs where you talk about being a Lolita with occasional haul videos/posts. I wanted a blog that would still talk about Lolita but will additional tips that relates to Lolita, but also in regular life. It's a long way from being one of the more known bloggers in the Lolita community, but I'm not losing steam yet which is good. So I do hope that you continue to read it and discover New York the way I have and continue to do so.
Although I've accomplished a lot in terms of Lolita, there's always room for improvement. Instead of doing a regular list of resolutions that I know I'll never accomplish, I've decided to create a list reserved just for Lolita:

  • Be more selective with brand purchases rather than splurge. (a.k.a. less impulse buys)
  • Try to acquire more casual pieces for hanging around the house.
  • Learn to navigate Baby's new website.
  • Make time for hanging out with my Lolita friends.
  • Try fairy-kei or pop-kei.
  • Host a Lolita meet-up or panel.
  • Visit the FIT exhibit Japan Fashion Now.
  • Travel to San Francisco to shop at the Angelic Pretty store.
  • Think of new topics and places to see for Lolita and the City.
It's not much, but it's a good list to start the year on the right Lolita foot. I know there are a few things I can easily check off. What's your New Year's Resolution? Do you have resolutions reserved just for Lolita? Let's hear them! They can been outrageous, practical, or just plain silly.

(Keep in mind resolutions are mainly to tell yourself that you have goals for the new year. Whether you make the effort to accomplish them is up to you.)

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