Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Stone Throw's Away

If you've ever had the chance to stop by Bryant Park shops during the holidays this past winter, you may have noticed a cute accessories vendor known as Stone Flower.

Necklaces with cute bows, earrings in the shape of cupcakes, and headbows  that would work for your next Lolita coordinate.

Luckily if you are in the city, Stone Flower has a physical location right here in New York City at the South Street Seaport. It has two stores within the South Street Seaport mall: one solely for accessories and one for clothes.

The clothes are often flowing summer floral dresses, fur-line hooded cardigans for winter, as well cute hats and skirts. Perfect for girls who want to feel feminine and girly all the time, or even just throwing on something after your fun-filled day meeting your fellow Lolitas.
There are a lot of items like cardigans and cute blouses that can work with Lolita fashion. Even polka-dotted umbrellas for that random chance you get stuck in the rain.

...And if you have already have that eye for finding offbrand Lolita looks, you even find an adorable JSK for a more casual style.

Compared to brand clothing like Angelic Pretty or Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Stone Flower is a great place to go if you need something for a last-minute meet or haven't bought anything Lolita-related lately.

If you're not into clothes and just need something to add on to that already great coordinated, you should by pass the first floor shop and head to the second floor.  With its signature pink and white color scheme, it's a store that catches your eye and draws you in.

Stone Flower is a place for accessories for that Lolita who wants to move on up from Claire's, or needs accents that will make her great coordinate even better.

From flower earrings to cameo necklaces to hair clips to a cute wallet, there at least something for every type of girly girl. Everything is easily displayed for windowshoppers and buyers alike. With plenty of mirrors around the store, you can see for yourself if the blue bird earrings or if a rhinestone cupcake necklace is more your style.

That inner girl of yours will be squeeing at the cuteness even if you are not.

Stone Flower
89 South Street, Pier 17
1st & 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10038-3520
(212) 240-9001

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