Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Kitty in the City

The first image of kawaii you can think of is more often than not Hello Kitty. But who is the face behind that feline? Last month I had the opportunity to meet Yuko Yamaguchi, the creator of Hello Kitty as part of a promotional tour for Sephora’s Hello Kitty Collection.

To ensure people who wanted to see Hello Kitty, customers had to purchase $35 worth of Hello Kitty merchandise. You were given a pink (naturally) emblazoned with Hello Kitty on it, ensuring your spot in line. I thought this was a great idea since it enables early birds, passerbys, and workaholics like me an equal opportunity to guarantee a chance to see Yamaguchi.

I decided to purchase an eyeliner pen in "Teacup", and two pots of nail polish in "Minty" and "Frosted Cupcake." (As a side note, I highly recommend the Peachy blush stick for everyday wear). And for buying more than $35 worth, I received a Hello Kitty cellphone charm as a bonus.

All the employees got into the pink spirit and sported Chubby Bunny Hello Kitty bows to add some color into their all black dress code.

There were even Lolitas from California promoting the event as Hello Kitty’s official entourage - including Julie and her friends! They handed out flyers to passerbys and in-store window shoppers highlighting the event later than night, as well as posed for pictures for anyone who asked. I thought this was a great way to promote Lolita fashion and in a positive light!

By the time I arrived it was jammed packed with fans. To ease the pain of standing in line the Lolitas working handed out Hello Kitty Yan-Yan and Ramune in baskets shaped like Hello Kitty’s head. And for those who’ve never had Ramune, it was quite a treat not knowing what to expect after that resounding pop.

The wait was long, but only due to Yamaguchi want to autograph each item with detail and love. However the staff was kind enough to notify us for the long wait times, and to have patience.

To make up for it Hello Kitty continually weaved the lines for photo-ops and kept the atmosphere upbeat. Not easy for a cat with a large heart/head.

For those who missed the event, don’t worry. According to Hello Kitty Junkie, she’s coming back to New York in September – hopefully to unveal more Hello Kitty themed makeup.

In the mean time I urge all of you to head down to your local Sephora and try out the Hello Kitty Collection for yourself!

Some more photos from the event:

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