Friday, May 6, 2011

The Mighty Harajuku Project

Harajuku is known as the area where Japanese youths go to express
themselves through fashion. From Goths, Lolitas, Punks, morigirls, decora and
cosplayers alike, they all come to Harajuku to become a melting pot of fashion styles and subcultures. 

With the increase in "fast-fashion" and big box stores, the desire to be unique and creative with expensive brand-name items is in decline. 

The Tohoku Earthquake discouraged a lot of people from visiting Harajuku because of that underlying fear of "the big one." Not Sebastian Masuda. 6%DokiDoki was one of the first Harajuku shops to reopen, and Masuda has be recording the area's recovery through pictures and Tweets.

This is known as the Mighty Harajuku Project.

It is an effort to bring together the people of Harajuku (i.e. people who live there, work there, have visited, want to visit) and provide strength and support to those who need it most. And most of all to give Japan the spirit to move forward.

This past weekend I attended Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens where numerous fans of Japan congregated and admired the annual blooming of the cherry blossoms. I found this a perfect opportunity to find people who would be willing to help me out spread the word and show their support. (Signs used were from Electric Alice. Check out their blog and shop, as well as their Mighty Harajuku effort)

Uncle Yo gives his regards.

Misako Rocks! had a cold, but the sign says it all.

Andrea from The Weekend Lolita and fellow NYC Lolita, Mary Alice

Savannah and Aly (Her Lumpiness) were kind enough to lend their faces.

Chris from Sugar Bomb rocks her sign.
While looking from the rest of the world, Harajuku is a place that is admired.
It is a rare area that Japan can be proud of for constantly transmitting interesting information from a very edgy angle. If Harajuku loses its power, I have a strong feeling that Tokyo, Japan will lose a lot of its appeal. I want to let people know that we don't want Harajuku, Tokyo or Japan to lose anything from the earthquake; and I think that by letting people know our thoughts, it would definitely encourage them as well. I am naming this project 【MIGHTY HARAJUKU PROJECT】, and show the world what is going on in Harajuku through photographs and simple words. I want to show thereality, both good and bad, of Harajuku to the rest of the world.

-Sebastian Masuda, %6DokiDoki

How you can help:

Sakura Matsuri is over, but that doesn't mean you can't help out. Feel free to reblog this content, tweet your photos using the hashtag #m_harajuku, and follow the 6% Doki Doki Facebook Page.

Helpful Links:
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Masuda Sebastian

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