Monday, May 9, 2011

Warhol in Union Square

Most of the people who past this statue recognized it was Andy Warhol, but not his reference to Campbell Soup.

As a mini art lesson, Warhol took a common but iconic household item (i.e. Campbell Soup) and perceived it as art. Hence pop art, as in art that is derived from popular culture.

The statue will be around until October 2nd, and was a creation of Rob Pruitt and sponsored by the NY Public Art Fund. Made of chrome, atop of a concrete pedestal, Warhol is remembered in a way that is shiny and blindingly glowing.

And if you notice it has slowly become a small shrine to the artist who used work, live, and breath abstract expressionism. (Note: Make sure your Campbell Soup cans are empty. Best to use Tomato Soup)

Andy Warhol Statue
Union Square
17th and Broadway

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