Thursday, September 22, 2011

FNO with LVF

NYFW has past, but FNO will always a memory of craziness.

Although it was my first time venture out for Fashion's Night Out, I was not alone - Dalin from La Vida Frills decided to team up and find out what all the insanity was all about.

I do mean insanity.

Four hours to get into the Missoni @Target Pop-up Shop in Bryant Park. Kim Kardashian and Pauly D shut down DASH.  We were at none of these.

Our adventure took us to Sephora to (attempt to) see Kristen Bauer from True Blood. The store was packed to maximum capacity with four different lines (three for free hair and makeup sessions and one for celebrity photo-ops) snaking around the entire store and meshed together.
Kristin Bauer
Next stop was Opening Ceremony, where Manila Luzon was DJing. Again more lines, but plenty of carnival games. Opening Ceremony held another carnival, this time Argentinian theme (last year was Paris), with Muppets everywhere.  We couldn't resist the call of a water gun race.
So good at this game she doesn't need to look.
The night ended in SoHo hoping to find something that was not so line intensive and do some actually shopping.  Betsey Johnson started the night out with cupcakes and champagne and ended with champagne.  Tried on a bustle jacket that was instantly bought, and for my troubles the store offered me a free makeover.
@Betsey Johnson
The only advice I have for next year (If there is a next year.) is to plan ahead and keep to schedule.  (The people at Vogue are rumoring that it's one giant party where nobody is carded and people aren't shopping as much as expected, to be worth it.)

Live Models in Betsey Johnson window
DJ @ Betsey Johnson
LVF outside the NIKE store
Nike MAGs were debuted to be auctioned off for charity.
Were you at FNO? Was it crazy where you were?

Special thanks goes out to Dalin who helped me take pictures at Betsey Johnson.

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