Friday, November 4, 2011

Japanese Fast Food - Kobeyaki

There are not many ramen places in New York City. Correction: There are not many ramen places that do not require a two hour wait. The other part of your criteria is that it is authentic ramen and not the Maruchan freeze-dried kind.

Kobeyaki seems to satisfy this desire. It is fast food for people who don't want a typical burger and fries with some Japanese fusion thrown in for good measure.  They have everything from sushi to Kobe burgers to ramen. The selection is small, but it makes up in taste.

The ramen was good and filling, despite the small size.  It satisfies your "I'm craving ramen" desires. I even started drinking the broth, which I never do.

It's a bit pricey for your typical meal - calculate drink and food and you've got a little more than $10 to spend. Factor in that all there food is sustainable and locally grown (which they mention on their website), Kobeyaki is alright for a midterm study break or, in my case, just dinner since you're not familiar with the Chelsea area.

It's too bad there's only one location (right now).

293 7th Ave
New York NY 10001

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