Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions for 2012

Step into 2012 right. Or risk becoming a fossil like this dinosaur.
We are hours away from ringing in the New Year.  I'm leaving Times Square for the tourists and enjoying a bottle of Eve's Cidery Essence and making my Netflix queue smaller.

It's always fun to compare last year's resolutions to this year's and next year's see whether you've actually accomplished anything. Plus it's a good reminder for when you put "lose weight" on your list and you supposedly forgot about it.

Last year's resolutions:
  • Be more selective with brand purchases rather than splurge. (a.k.a. less impulse buys)
  • Try to acquire more casual pieces for hanging around the house.
  • Learn to navigate Baby's new website.
  • Make time for hanging out with my Lolita friends.
  • Try fairy-kei or pop-kei.
  • Host a Lolita meet-up or panel.
  • Visit the FIT exhibit Japan Fashion Now.
  • Travel to San Francisco to shop at the Angelic Pretty store.
  • Think of new topics and places to see for Lolita and the City.
This year's resolutions:
  • Try to wear Lolita when I can.
  • Coordinate more with existing wardrobe. (That mean's buy less brand)
  • Travel more. 
  • Take lots of photographs. Acquired two vintage film cameras and want to put good use to them.
  • Work on a collection of Lolita focused essays. 
  • Think of new topics and places to see for Lolita and the City.
Blog resolutions:
  • Write two articles per week
  • Focus more on "foundation" articles. Restaurant reviews. Fun NYC facts that everyone knows or doesn't know about.
  • Write at least one Lolita-minded article a month.
Pay no mind to the candle hole. It's my birthday today.
Did you complete your list of resolutions for last year? Do you have any "reasonable" resolutions for this year? Let's here them!

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