Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Brunch: Petite Abeille

A place easy to remember by its signature bumblee.
I found this place by searching the best "moules frites" (mussels and fries) in NYC, but that's another story for another time (they were delicious!). Petite Abeille was one of those really popular bistros which you have to wait at least an hour for a table at brunch. It's a Belgian-French bistro with four locations scattered in lower Manhattan.

Last week for my birthday, my fiance decided to treat me to this place. However it was too early for dinner and mussels, so we settled for a late brunch at the 17th Street location. The wait was around twenty minutes, which is practically seconds for New Yorkers.

Again we expected a dinner menu, but brunch apparently lasts until 4PM. No complaints here. I decided to go with a Tartine de Saumon Fumé (salmon with egg salad on sourdough) with Belgian fries.  A strange combination that works - and it has a hint of Dijon mustard for those who like a kick.

He went with a daily special waffle with tropical fruit (mango, kiwis, and bananas), whipped cream and strawberry sauce. All of which was quickly gone.

Petite Abeille has daily dinners specials everyday which you can check out on their website.. Brunch is a popular meal of the day so try to go here later in the day for a shorter wait time. Or if you are an early bird, they do open at 8AM.

Pofferjetes - Flemish pancakes.
Stuyvesant Town
401 20th St
New York, NY 10010

West Village
466 Hudson St
New York, NY 10014

44 West 17th St
New York, NY 10011

134 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013

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