Thursday, February 16, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style - Ralph Lauren

Images via NYMAG

Ralph Lauren is sophisticated, clean, and European. So I suppose it's know no wonder why he decided to use the theme to Downtown Abbey for his runway music (which I'm now desperately trying to find the video of).

Even without the video I can imagine the collection fitting with the music nicely what with the tweed and wool and lots of use of hats.

Anachronistic motorcyle outfits make a periodic outfit modern.

And I do love his use of menswear as womenswear.

A night at the opera or smoking lounge?

Periodic fashion is one of the core inspirations for Lolita.  Plus I love vintage, so this coordinate is inspired by a growing collection of vintage items.

Cloche from Strawberry - $25
Vintage jacket - $20
Vintage scarf - $10
Victorian Maiden blouse - $209
Metamorphose Tweed skirt - $100

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