Thursday, February 9, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style - Richard Chai

via NY Magazine
New York Fashion week started today. And like a fashionable New Yorker I'm ecstatic to know the trends for fall be. Unfortunately since I'm not one of the elite, I'll be watching via Youtube, NYTimes Style section, and New York Magazine. 

Taking it one step further, expect to see recreated looks from collections that could easily be translated into Lolita fashion.

First up Richard Chai. Sleek, Sophisticated with a corporate, but playful touch.

Outfit could be easily incorporated in Lolita
Chai's collection featured alot of stripes and toned down colors (gray, blue, blacks, and maroon, lots of maroon) - both of I'm a big fan of and what stood out for me.  Most of all, all of it looks like you could walk off the runway with a good portion of the collection.
Favorite out of the fall collection
“I didn’t want to create looks that were just for the show. I wanted it to be approachable and believable, but also be really aspirational. At the end of the day, it’s pieces that I want people to wear.”

And here's my own take on the first picture.
Angelic Pretty Classic Regimental (black) pants $180
Gray shirt from TJ Maxx $15
Eggplant corduroy jacket from JCPenney $30
If you're big into Fashion Week and love creating coordinates feel free to email me at lolitaandthecity (at) gmail (dot) com.  Include a picture of the collection you're trying to model along with a picture and description of your coordinate (at least one item should be Lolita-related). Also why you chose the designer.

Who knows, it could be featured here!

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