Sunday, February 12, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style - Ruffian

Images via NY Mag
Lolitas should look towards Ruffian. There design concept is very Victoriana and very vintage (not retro) chic. And lots of tweed and wool.

I like this collection because it harkens to Sam Spade movies and the mysterious woman looking for a detective to solve her mystery.

Leather and tweed really sells the outfit. But the blue fedora takes the cake.
I'll be honest Ruffian's fall collection is an excuse for me to post outfits with fedoras.  However the outfits are stunning and I'm attracted to ready-to-wear that fits my personal style (not neccessarily Lolita, but works both way the same).

This coordinate was inspired by Ruffian's ability to use one item to make the whole outfit pop - whether it is a gold belt on a all blue outfit or bright blue fedora on an all black outfit.

Bodyline heart jacket - $50
Mastina Blouse (from Hong Kong) - $10

Metamorphose Tweed skirt - $100
Angora fedora - $20

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