Thursday, March 8, 2012

Community Pep Rally at the Paley Center for Media

Last Saturday I helped cover an event for New York Comic Con at the Paley Center. The Paley Center for Media hosted an event for the television series Community. There was a pep rally with food, posters, and even a homemade blanket fort.

The event was part of a live streaming event, premiering a new episode before it airs March 15th and a chat with the cast.  New York Comic Con was given the hard but easy task of hyping up the crowd before the main event.  

See below for a few of my favorite moments of the night.

A blanket fort fit for a king.

NYCC staff putting "star burns" on an attendee.
There was also a poster contest which attendees were more than excited to participate. The winners received free weekend passes to NYCC in October.  Their handiwork is below.

Missed Connections.

Note to self: Foreign Language contest entries are winners.

Pterodactyl. 'Nuff Said.

The message board in front of Paley at the end of the night.

A full house.

Costume Contest Entries. Winners were Level 6 Laser Lotus Wizard, Dean Pelton (in front), and a group entry composed of Star-Burns, Annie, and Jeff.
For more pictures check out flickr. If you missed this event, they are holding another this Friday for Castle.  The name of the game is a scavenger hunt. Check it out!

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