Friday, March 30, 2012

Raiding the Bank at Trinity Place, Bachelorette Style

No Secret Passwords Needed.
I'm not one to talk about work, but today my co-workers were kind enough to take me out to lunch for a bachelorette luncheon at Trinity Place Bar and Restaurant

What's fun and very unique about this place is that it's was originally a bank vault in the Trinity Building.  An ideal and archetype place for two stock brokers and the like to talk business.

Trinity does not have a dress code, but ideally it should be kept business casual or very toned down Lolita (natural hair only, please).

One person brought sparkling wine to enjoy the celebration, which the waiter was kind enough to pour for everyone, sommelier-style. The menu is very reminiscent of a speakeasy/high end bar menu with Guinness Pie, Kobe Burger, Duck Confit as entrees. 

The occassional called for Prosecco.
Since this was a party in my honor, I decide to splurge and ordered the Duck Confit with English Peas and Bacon.  The duck was crisp and the risotto just as cheesy.  I only wished there was more.  It was incredibly filling and I only had an Apple Cinnamon crepe for dinner.

Everything tastes better with bacon.
Also a big note is that since Trinity Place is located in the Financial District lunch was pricey at $20 per person.  It is well worth it. Though make sure to act like big money and you'll get treated as such, since service was a bit slow with the credit cards. 

Princess for the Day.
During the whole event they gave well wishes, as well as a felt crown with little pockets of Post-It notes with advice on how to have a long and happy marriage.

This was my favorite out of all of them.


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