Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Brunch: Tea and Sympathy

A very royal wall.

Tea and Sympathy is one of those places you know about and have always wanted to go, but for some other reason something always comes up.  Our story is set in the Greenwich Village and getting there is a lot like finding Neverland walking several side streets. And even then you have to wait for your own taste of authentic British food.
The big thing you should have to know is that Tea and Sympathy is very quaint and very small. As such they've posted several rules on the door and you will have to wait a bit -- longer if you have a large party. Speaking of large parties, this place is very much a "tea for two." I've visited with parties as small as two to as big as five, but I recommend no larger than four. And no matter how small you will feel cramped.  But the food and tea will make up for it.

Nothing says British like beans and toast. Any better would be a toad in a hole.

Like Alice's Tea Cup, Tea and Sympathy has a large selection of tea served in a various novelty teapots.  Tea flavors range from floral and fruity like Black Currant to more traditional like English Breakfast and Earl Grey (of course).

Can't tell if this teapot is from London, can you?

The food is pretty good, and the wait staff is pretty prompt with service (especially when it comes to water for tea and more cream for scones).  If you are going for Afternoon Tea prepare yourself because it will take you an afternoon to finish.

Afternoon Tea for One (and 3/4)

There are two versions (single and two-person) but there honestly isn't a difference, except maybe a few more sandwiches.  What's good to know is they are very accommodating if you want a vegetarian version. All you need to do is ask.

One of these cups are not like the other.

However if you aren't willing to wait for a table or feel weird just standing outside like a dog in the window, they do have a shop adjacent to the restaurant that has enough goodies to satisfy any Anglophile.

These teapots are not for sale, but the ones next door are.

Not able to head down to the Village? Then you can at least visit their blog for recipes, contests and various British things Americans find funny and odd.

Tea and Sympathy
108 Greenwich Avenue
New York City, NY 10011

Also feel free to check out my list of tea rooms in NYC if Tea and Sympathy is not your cup of tea.

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