Monday, April 16, 2012

Cupcake of the Week: Sweet

Craving Sweet.
Last weekend, my fiance and I were in Boston for AnimeBoston and PAX East. We discovered that Sweet was literally down the street from the Omni Parker House when we were looking for Friday dinner options.
Camera phones don't do justice.
My fiance surprised me with two cupcakes after returning from AnimeBoston on Saturday. One was Banana Split and the other Sweet Cake.  Definitely prefer the Banana Split - it was extremely light and you could taste really taste the banana.  And the spoon was an excellent touch. 

(Back Bay)
49 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

(Newbury Street)
225 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115

(Harvard Square)
Zero Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

11 School Street
Boston, MA 02108

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