Sunday, August 5, 2012

Street Snaps: Otakon 2012

From the Gothic Lolita Tea Party.
Usually I street snaps after an overview, but I've been busy trying to catch up. So here's a teaser of my adventures at Otakon 2012!

There were certainly quite more Lolitas than I could snap. I apologized if I could not get everyone.

Note: If you would like your picture removed please leave a comment below. As always if you'd like to use any photos I've posted please credit.

First off are a few pictures from the Cobweb Teacup: Gothic Lolita Tea Party.

Heather and Beth rocking black.

A dashing little prince.

The darkside of Milky Planet?

An Angel with a darker agenda.

St. Mephisto's Catherdral spotted at the h.Naoto booth.

Lynda in Qi-Lolita

Bodyline's Radioactive Squirrel Cake (all I can refer it too).

Pretty in Pink.

Devil Rei.

A Gothic Lolita browsing the Dealer's Room.

Pepper in Moon Knight Theater.

Sweet Cream (Mint-flavored)

Visitor from the Lolita Dimension.

Lolitas should always come in threes.

Born in the Year of the Alpaca.

Deadmau Lolita


Kotetsu Lolita

Seafarer Maiden.
Stephanie in Gramm.

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