Friday, September 7, 2012

Runway Looks, Lolita Style: Peter Som

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Jumping on the Peter Som bandwagon because of his use of florals. The collection reminded me of a gradual sunrise. I chose Peter Som because of fashionista's description. He's know for unusual color combinations but catches you unassumingly by starting off the show with classic spring colors to his usual pop and then back to a mixture of the two.

He's made sure to make the audience focus on the models as well as the clothes with a very bright eyeshadow -- making cream-colored pieces stand out and adding a finishing touch to pieces that already pop.

Which is why it reminds me of a the daily movement of the sun was they way he present the entire collection. Each sunrise is different and you never really notice the changing colors of the sky until it passes you by.

It started out with classic creams and florals.

Then there was this blue piece. If you've ever seen the sun rise there is a gradual grey to brilliant blue gradient. It literally is a split second before it quickly changes.

That eventually becomes orange.
And then beige to welcome the day.

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Antique Bouquet
Scarf: Primark

For a Lolita this attracted me because my personal style tends to reflect his aesthetic. Especially when it comes to matching things that should not match. Or too matchy.  I like experiment with Lolita brands and prints beyond a classic color palette (i.e. white blouse with pastel skirt; black blouse with black jumperskirt) In this case I paired a floral vintage shirt, Metamorphose floral skirt, and a blue floral scarf for an over abundance of flowers.

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