Thursday, September 13, 2012

Runway Style, Lolita Style: Thom Browne

Images via Fashionista
When it comes to choosing designers for this series, I try to choose designers that I fit with my own aesthetic and style. Thom Browne is no execption. His designs are known to fall under a very preppy style but always with a twist.

This spring collection reminded a lot of the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgensten. The book is about a circus, a duel, and a love story wrapped in one. Keeping in mind The Night Circus has a strict uniform of black and white, which is what attracted me to Thom Browne. 

The Woman in Black
To add confusion and make your head spin there were dancers in the background atop black and white spinners. Which makes me wonder if I was hypnotized to like this collection.
Laser cutting moves into clothing.
And when he knew you had enough, he added a splashes of color at the end.
Candy-striped Cage Skirt.
Thom Browne's collection leaves you unsure whether they are clothes or costumes. If you are into fashion you probably known that it is clearly a fashion statement.

Alot like Lolita. There are vast misconceptions to people who are unfamiliar with the fashion that it is a costume. Often you have "It isn't Halloween yet!" as a catcall.

I decided to stick with a monochrome palette pairing a Beth by Victorian Maiden jumperskirt, with an H&M blouse.  The small dot pattern on the dress complement the unending stripes (but I think even if they were larger it wouldn't make a difference). And the more I look at it, my head actually is reeling at the fact it does all fit somehow.
Jumperskirt: Beth by Victorian Maiden
Blouse: H&M
With a black bowler hat and black and white striped socks, I think it would add a nice touch and be an excellent outfit to use for Dances of Vice: PhantasmaGorey don't you think?

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