Monday, April 29, 2013

Street Snaps: Sakura Matsuri 2013

Lolita problems: which camera to smile at.
It was a beautiful and comfortable day for Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. A great day for pictures and Lolitas to dress their best and show off some spring outfits. Strawberries and bunnies seemed to be a common theme. Also pink. Then again, when it's bright and sunny everyone just wants to dress to match the weather.

Note: As always if you see you're picture and would like me to take it down for any reason, just let me know!
They didn't get to the chapel on time, but they were just in time for the photos afterwards
Navy blue florals to compliment pink blossoms
One of the first shots of the day.
Lovely coordinate from head to rocking horse toe.
Caught these two right after the Parasol Society Games.
I felt bad for asking her to stand back up after a long day. Was it worth it?
Trying sweet for the first time this year. How'd she do?
Toys parading into a bunny owned strawberry field.
That goes forever until the sky turns blue.

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