Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Brunch: The Herb Festival at Gallow Green

Last Saturday I filled in as a +1 for a friend who was going to The Herb Festival at Gallow Green at the  McKittrick Hotel, the infamous stage for "Sleep No More." The McKittrick Hotel was opening their rooftop garden for the first time this spring, and celebrated for the second time with a mini-festival of music, dance, and food.

A jazz/folk band to set the mood.
Unsure what to expect I dressed up a bit and had her lead the way. Entering a dark elevator it was literally like we were underground awaiting sunlight and spring at the very top.  We were given with blue clovers to pin on ourselves and told to walk up creaky steps toward the light. That light being the top, filled with  plants and people of all kinds.

A dance circle was our entertainment.
We were whisked away by dancing spirits to greet spring properly before being seated. We talked to a garden who had his own agenda known only to him. 

My favorite: the white chocolate basil macarons and the beef skewers with habanero vinagrette.
Eventually we meandered back to our seats for a delicious afternoon tea-like meal. 

Kitty is nice for once.
To respect the cycle of giving back after eating a delicious, we planted wormwood (an ingredient for absinthe, which was also in the punch) with the help from some animals. 

After everything was over we were given some seeds, savory cookies, and a photograph to remind us that whatever we saw, heard and tasted was not a dream. This was an experience and would certainly go again next year if I had the chance. (For those curious it was about $50 a ticket.) And if this sounds too whimsical that was the feeling I took away from it.

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