Cupcake of the Week: Charm City Cupcakes

Charm City Cupcakes - Inner Harbor

Went to Baltimore last week for a short trip.  I found this cute cupcake shop, Charm City Cupcakes, that took over an ice cream shop in one of the mini malls in the Inner Harbor.  I had initially wanted ice cream, but cupcakes will certainly suffice.

We purchased a Caramel Praline and a vanilla Black-eyed Susan.  I had the Black-eyed Susan, which was a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting in the middle.

Caramel Praline and vanilla Black Eyed Susan

If you're going to Otakon or have a chance to go there I recommend getting one to try!

Charm City Cupcakes
1340 Smith Avenue (Mt. Washington Mill)
Baltimore, MD 21209

(Inner Harbor Flagship Store)
Inner Harbor Pratt Street Pavillion


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