Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Matching Sets - BoldLoft Human Touch

"Oops...My Bad."
Boldloft was a shop I found on my last day in Hong Kong.  It's a cute shop if you love matching sets or are looking for couple gifts for someone or yourself.

"My Heart Is After You."
Featuring simple graphic designs that make anyone smile or laugh. They have everything from drinking glasses, t-shirts, and, my favorite, couple pillowcases.

"Captured By Your Love"

These same-sex couples ones seem to be only available on Amazon.

Girls too can love. Also only on Amazon.

"From My Heart To Yours."

We went with a black and white graphic design because we were afraid of it getting dirty in the future.

The box it came in was cute too.

Pillows don't need to be slept on.

Pillow Tag.

Pillows can save the world.
Now I never want to hid my pillows under the covers when I make the bed.

While I purchased my pillows in Hong Kong, you can go on their website (as well as Amazon has a few and browse their products. The best part is they ship internationally!

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