Sunday, November 10, 2013

Street Snaps: 6%DokiDoki in Bryant Park

Sebastian Masuda, founder of 6%DokiDoki posing with fan.
Last month,  Sebastian Masuda took a trip to NYC and mentioned on his Facebook that he would like to meet some of his fans.  He picked Bryant Park as a meeting place, and I decided to meet people that are inspired by 6%Dokidoki.

It was an intimate affair of around 30-40 people.

Of girls who wanted to show off their latest prints.

Apples on the Green.

This girl traveled all the way from Philly just to meet the man himself.

Theme of the day was pearls.

Two fans waiting to just bask in his Harajuku aura.

The fashion of the day was "Harajuku Kawaii."

Peace and Dollar Signs. 

Two friends basking in other people's Harajuku inspired fashion.

A close up of her blinged out RHS.

Majority wanted to see Masuda, but most just wanted to meet others who appreciated the same fashion sense.

Peace and Scoodies.

Carnivals and Planets.

Peace Out.

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