Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Getaway at Connecticon 2014

Having been to bigger cons like New York Comic Con and Otakon, it makes me appreciate the quaint smaller cons.  With larger events you have to really plan out your day, while smaller events you have the choice of going or not going -- and it's not a great disappointment if you are not able to go you will be able to find something else to do.  In addition, I'm able to see the small con grow bigger.

This is why I'm growing to love Connecticon.

Compared to last year it was apparent that convention grew-whether it was attendance or organization-in some way that was different but still felt the same.  
The Tea Tasting Workshop was packed and overflowing despite it being extending to all 3 days of the convention. Quite an outstanding success having been it's second year running.
Paradise Kiss Cosplay

The Lolita Fashion Show was moved to a bigger room as well. While Connecticut Lolitas are a smaller but growing grassroots bunch of people.

This convention also attracts a lot of Disney characters that one could certainly make a photo scavenger hunt out of it. 

ConnectiCon is unlike specific conventions but an amalgation of everything: comics, anime, tv, film and more.  This year feature people like Noah Hataway from Neverending Story, and the infamous voices behind Invader Zim.  I attended the Invader Zim panel out of nostalgia.  Former college roommates exposed me to the bizarre cartoon during my senior year and I recall being disturbed and terrified by them quoting from the show out of nowhere. But I enjoy the fact they enjoyed it.  The panel brought back the insane memories that senior can often bring.

Ellen McClain and John Patrick Lowrie
Also this was a convention that was very literary, inviting authors and writers alike to talk about...well writing.  I went to several panels last year about laying the groundwork about starting a book.  This year I decided to attend a panel about the characters moving a story as well as the benefits motivating yourself by joining writing groups. It was reminiscent of the time I saw J.M. Stracinski's workshop at C2E2. The best part was that it ended in a song.

Uncle Yo's panels were a hit as always, but was incredibly impressed by his "Magical GIrl Boot Camp." It was an breakdown and overview of prominent bishoujo shows like Sailor Moon to Madoka and pairing them with exercises from P90.  The best part would have to be the audience participation which everyone loved.  Anime often motivates fans to learn Japanese or travel to Japan, but exercise? That is movement I'd really like to see.

Connecticon is always a great "starter" con despite its growth.  It's a great introduction to "con culture."  Check out below for the other cool cosplay I spotted that weekend.



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