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Rufflecon 2014: the Year of the Lolita

2014 was a big year for Lolitas on the East Coast.

While you can mostly find Lolita related panels and content at anime conventions, Rufflecon was a convention solely devoted to alternative fashion.

A group of fans of Japanese fashion and alternative fashion in general took their passion and turned it into a 2 day event in New Haven, Connecticut.
Having stayed at the Omni Parker House in Boston, I was brimming with excitement learning that it would take place at the Omni New Haven in Hartford, Connecticut.
It was a small convention of a few hundred girls and guys but they were avid fans from all over - I had spoken to people from Atlanta, New England area, Los Angeles, even as far as Canada. Rufflecon was not the first of it's kind; it's non-affiliated sister, Frill was a small event that is held in Atlanta.   Still it was a first having brought over the faces behind Triple Fortune as their Guests of Honor. It's very hard to think what Lolitas want in a convention, but R…