Monday, April 6, 2015

Street Snaps: Kawaii Meets Art and Fashion at Japan Society

Sketch of the Time After Time capsule art project for New York City.  Will debut later this year.
Last month, I went see Sebastian Masuda spoke on his artistic journey as well as the history and "real" meaning of Harajuku fashion at Japan Society.  Often people who are not familiar with Japanese pop culture think that "Harajuku fashion" is a definitive style of dress, similar to the silhouette of Lolita fashion.  Masuda says this is not the case but rather it is more about self-expression - so each person that has been captured in Fruits and Kera is expressing their style than a group style.

He also announced later this year he will be debuting another "time capsule" art project in New York City like he did at Art Basel Miami sometime in May.

Check out all the fashionably kawaii people I saw that night!


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