Saturday, June 6, 2020

What is Lolita Fashion Like During Coronavirus?

Virtual meetup photo credit to ceramic_samurai
From a general perspective Lolita or any alternative fashion always has a big social component. However -- what happens when you take it away? Surprisingly, like fashion in general – the community as a whole MADE IT WORK.

It's been a few months since New York City was declared a hotspot for the coronavirus. And while cases are going down, we're not out of the woods yet. What has impressed me though is seeing the community rise up and still remain active.  To some, after all, it is our therapy and this is a time where we need it most.

You still take outfit shots; you still host meetups; you still host fashion panels. Your coordinate post offers even more of a glimpse into your rooms and personal style. It provides a window on how much this fashion has integrated into your lifestyle. Instead of structured pose, you concentrate on the coordinate you were inspired by, blurry self-facing camera and fluorescent lighting and all. Then there's the Pass the Brush challenge (check out They/Goth, Black Lolita Pt 2, Boston Lolita, NY Lolita) which gave you a glimpse of people in and out of alternative fashion – the perfect visual example that alternative fashion takes work and practice.

Violet Fane and Peppermint Fox created a "Cozy Cottage Moments" prompt early on keep you active and inspired when the world was uncertain how long we would stay in our homes. If you've already participated, why not recycle and create new ideas from the same prompt?

Baby is offering masks as a novelty for purchase over $150
Indie brands rose up and like everyone else, started making masks. You coordinated to match your outfits like it was an existing accessory – except now it's functional to boot. Currently Japanese brands are postponing shipping overseas, the internet still allows you to see what's going on. They've also taking up mask making, selling out like popular print releases. 

List of indie designers selling masks:
Note: Due to the current environment masks sell out quickly. If you see a brand you like but sold out, just follow their social media for updates. 

At Home Lolita Project X Harajuku Pop Contest promoted a solidarity that we are still fashionably at home and Lolita is not necessarily only for tea parties and meetups. Who says Lolita is dead?

Conventions have taken themselves virtual to remind you you are not alone, simply physically distanced.  If you missed Purgatorio's event check out some of the past content

If you were already physically drained from the curated social pressure, use this opportunity to BREATHE, SLEEP, RELAX. Rediscover why you love alternative fashion; find out if you are ready to move on or not. If you want to start this is a perfect opportunity to do your research.

. . . And if you're not doing any of these things that's okay! We're all trying to cope in our own way with this amorphous state of existence.

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