Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Mystery (Bag) of Anna Sui Revealed! Plus In-Store Event 2/17

I cannot tell you how much I adore Anna Sui. With her hippie florals, sophisticated but poppy prints, and gothic twist on everything she has become one of my favorite designers. And her entire makeup line is bold and subtle with just a hint of roses (including the nail polish!).

So what better way to spend some leftover Christmas/New Year's gift cards than invest it in a Anna Sui New Year's "Mystery Bag." Like any lucky pack it had a selection of makeup products but you're unsure what will be inside.

In my case I received:
  • 2 eyeliner kohl pencils (red orange and green)
  • liquid eyeliner (chick yellow)
  • liquid eyecolor/eyeshadow (shimmery slate gray)
  • 2 nail colors (red and sea green)
  • makeup pouch and brush set 
For a total of $200 worth of products at a just $95, it was a quite steal! And I intend to use most of it.

The pencils not so much as I'm very plain Jane with eyeliner, using mostly neutral shades or classic black. However the yellow eyeliner I've discovered is more of a tint so it would be good for highlighting a dark eyeshadow. The light grey eye shadow could be used anytime, casual or for a night out (good for a smoky eyes).

As for nail polish do you really need a reason for having more nail polish? Mix, match or just paint your toes.

Finally, it was very nice bonus to find a makeup pouch that came with three brushes: one for blush, one for shadow, and one for lips. (Note: the pouch has a secret bottom pocket for brushes only. What could get better than this?

But wait, there's more.

Anna Sui will be having an in-store party to unveal a new lip gloss color on Thursday, February 17th from 6-8PM. Whether it is because of New York Fashion Week or just simply perfect timing, it's a good excuse to get some more makeup and have a chance to meet Anna Sui herself!

Not to mention dress up.  And grab another mystery bag. I hope to see you there.

Anna Sui
26 Greene Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 941-8406

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  1. oh how wonderful! i love anna sui!! <3
    the make up pouch is so cute! <333
    the party sounds great! wish i oculd go too ^^
    have a fantastic time! b^^d