Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Brunch: Sip Sak

New York City is a very convenient place for anyone who is hungry anytime, anywhere because there is always a slew of restaurants to choose from.

What people may not know is that if you step off the main streets like Broadway, you arrive in the New Yorker's area of the city: a quieter, residential but still have that urban feel.

With so many restaurants in the area is best to choose based on a roulette method: walk along the street until one strikes your fancy.

It's a method that's especially useful when you are unsure of what do about brunch on a late Sunday morning after one last skate around The Pond at Bryant Park.

If you're wanting brunch, but want something different, Sip Sak should be on your list. Their sage green doors and mirror-framed menus outside will entice you to try their food on impulse.

And it won't disappoint.

It's a Turkish restaurant located on the upper part of Midtown along 2nd Avenue.

The menu was pretty simple and explanatory for those unfamiliar with Turkish cuisine. With items like Sahanda Sucuklu Yumurta (eggs with spiced lamb) or Kasarli, Sucuklu Tost (panini with cheese and spiced lamb sausage) you really can't go wrong. Or if you're a burger person and want to be a just a little adventurous, try a Lamb Burger.

The Turkish tea was certainly a refresher after being quite comfortable with the taste of English Breakfast or Earl Grey. It was perfectly hot to the touch (just the way I like) and in a cute tulip-shaped cup. The light smoky flavor lifted my tastebuds to imagine drinking in a teahouse at the side of a bazaar.

If you are more of a coffee person, Turkish coffee is very much like a shot of espresso, except much stronger.

The waiters were attentive, and the food arrived as soon as our side of hummus and bread were nothing but crumbs. Although I had an omelette with mushrooms, peppers and onions, it came with home fries and a salad. The price is average for a Manhattan restaurant, but considering it was my first time at Sip Sak, I'll be sure to be coming back with friends.

(Note: While Turkish cuisine highly favors meat-lovers, Sip Sak does have vegetarian options.)

Sip Sak
928 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10017
Neighborhood: Midtown East
(212) 583-1900

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