Friday, March 4, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection Goes Livestreaming

While New York Fashion Week is restricted to mainly press, designers, and celebrities (and the occasional six-degrees of seperation), the Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC) is a fashion festival in Japan dedicated to street fashion brands (mostly gal/gyaru but Japanese fashion nonetheless) modelled by the people who wear it. And in addition to press, etc, it is opened to the general public!

This year Google partnered with TGC and is going to stream the entire show live through an official Youtube Channel.

What does this exactly mean? At 2PM in Tokyo (around 1AM Eastern), Youtube will be streaming the entire festival as it happens for 7 hours.  Which means you can pull an all-nighter for the sake of fashion.

So heat up some popcorn, Redbull (or whatever you drink for that caffeine high), and countdown to Tokyo Girls Collection S/S 2011!

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