Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bowtie Required

While bowties aren't lolita, they are cool.  The new season of Doctor Who is premiering tonight on BBC America tonight, and I'll be tuning in -- bowtie around my neck and fez on my head -- but I've got a spoiler.

I've already seen "The Impossible Astronaut".  I had the opportunity to attend BBC America’s Brooklyn premiere party on Tuesday. Keep in mind this was not a premiere with cast and crew, which was last, last Monday (and unless you were an expert line squatter, there was not much of a chance). However it was a party fit for fans nonetheless.

(Unfortunately the lighting was not the best so bear with me with very dim pictures.)

Held at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn it was a Doctor Who themed affair with cardboard standups, themed drinks, and Fez cupcakes. One felt underdressed if you weren’t in a striped suit, long scarf, suspenders or a fez. Festivities were well on there way, and by the time I arrived the joint was standing room only. The attendees ranged from Whovians in full costume to the casual fan.

Courtesy of The Chip Shop, you could sample British staples like Bangers and Mash, Shepard’s Pie, and Scottish Eggs, as well as Jelly Babies and Cadbury Crème Eggs. Sadly no Maltesers or Smarties in the mix.

Hosted by Secret Formula, they kept the crowd lively and hyper right up until the end. There were costume contests featuring a Weeping Angel (winner), Dalek, a female Doctor Eleven, and of course several various regenerations of the Doctor.

There was also an informative and interesting presentation by Micho Kaku, reknowned physicist, on the theory of time travel and the logic behind being your own grandpa - and entire family tree - for that matter.

Overall, I think the best part about this viewing party was that unlike watching it in your room, alone with the TV’s afterglow for companionship, you were seeing it with friends and fellow fans alike. And seeing it before tonight's television debut with other people who could geek along with you made it that much better.

I can’t say much for the two part episode but that it is new and exciting and makes you think. A lot. Especially if you’re the type of fan who analyzes every trailer that comes out, screenshot by screenshot. The rest -- as we say -- are spoilers.

Don’t worry about missing the chance to see The Doctor on new adventures. Gather your army of remote-controlled Daleks, Cybermen and stress-free Adipose and check it out on BBC America tonight at 9PM EST.

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