Friday, July 15, 2011

Fast Fashion - eBay Fashion Vault X CDFA Bag Review

Remember the post I made about the CDFA raising awareness of counterfeit goods? I decided to purchase the bag (my bag collection is rivaling my shoe collection).

It arrived yesterday afternoon which was quite a shock as the receipt told me it would arrive in two weeks. I knew it was going to be a big (it was a tote bag after all), but it was much bigger than I expected. Not that I can complain.

Simple yet functional - all while making a statement for a cause. Good for school, work, or shopping. There's two pockets inside. The only thing is there's no zipper, but it's deep enough for pickpockets who don't feel like digging for wallets.

Attached to the bag was giant tag thanking me for my purchase and supporting their campaign. On the other side was a list of CDFA members who were involved.

If I'd known Anna Sui was involved I would've bought hers (It was super mori-girl)
Back of authentication card.
Lastly, there was an authentication card in the inside pocket (Always check the pockets!). Overall it's a great bag to invest and support a cause. For $35 with free shipping I say it's a good deal don't you?

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