Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shake Ramen Salad - Japan Street Fair 7/24

Okonomiyaki anyone? (Japan Block Fair 2009)
Fried oreos and gyros are starting to taste the similar. And the reggaeton music is starting to just be a buzz in your ear. These are signs that you are suffering from street fair depression.

Everything is kind of whizzing by and the people are starting to know your name. It's time for you to experience a different street fair (Not referring to the one the day after).

Hop on a R or E train and head to Astoria for the Japan Block Fair.

There'll be food, goods, and performances. Vendors such has Hakata TonTon, Kiteya, Teriyaki Ball Shop, and many others will be in attendance. So listen to some enka or be in awe at the taiko drummers.

Also this is one fair that encourages dressing up. Anyone in a yukata will receive a free gift. Did I mention there'll be food?

Japan Block Fair
July 24th, 2011
Broadway at Steinway
Astoria Queens

*Shake Ramen Salad - cold ramen with arugula, dressing, and typical ramen toppings. Shake it all about and what do you get? Shake ramen salad! (I had this at the Asia Pacific Heritage Festival in Union Square thanks to Hakata Tonton. Perhaps they'll have it at JBF too.)

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