Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Aboard, Courtesy of Nucky Thompson

Like Boardwalk Empire? Like vintage trains? Just like anything vintage?

To get ready for the premiere of the second season of Boardwalk Empire, HBO gives MTA riders a chance to travel on an authentic Prohibition-era train every weekend of September from 12PM to 6PM.

Just wait along the uptown 2/3 line until you spot an old-timey train with the windows open (they didn't have A/C back in the day). The train runs between 42nd and 96th street, running along the express line. 

Feel free to dress up or down, but just remember to bring your camera. Last Sunday I had the opportunity to take a ride into the 1960s myself and took a few pictures.

According to the Wall Street Journal, people will be handing out free Metro Cards courtesy of Nucky Thompson later this month. So keep watch and for once, this free Metrocard is not a scam. 

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