Friday, September 9, 2011

Willkommen to Cafe Marlene

Ode to Marlene Dietrich 
As much as I enjoy being a foodie in Manhattan, Queens should get some love too.

Cafe Marlene is a cozy little cafe that reminds you of Old World Berlin. Inspired and named after And its no wonder, the owners were inspired to open this little spot after Marlene Dietrich, film noir Hollywood actress and singer.

Excuse the poor cellphone quality
Tiny hole in the walls like Cafe Marlene can be intimidating in size, but they make up in great decor and food that brings you back to try the rest of the menu. Two friends came over for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, and I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to sit down and check it out.

Marlene specializes in crepes and sandwiches, a perfect light lunch for a hot day.
Reminds me of a pizza. A sweet pizza
Although I had just an apricot jam crepe (considering I just had some dental work done), it was still cute and tastes great for a place just around the corner. (Course everything seems to always taste better when its within reasonable walking distance from your bed.)

While you wait for your order being made, you're never bored with the decor. I couldn't help but stare at the ceiling's woodwork, making you feel like you are in a Manhattan speakeasy (and not in Queens).

Their website mentions that there is a performance space downstairs for private events and the occasional poetry slam.

My friends were quite amazed by the food, especially for the price - very reasonable and slightly less than a meal and a subway ride into Manhattan. Whether it was the company, the incredible woodwork decor, the baristas or the food you should go check out Cafe Marlene.

Beret and snapping fingers are optional

Cafe Marlene
41-11 49th Street
Sunnyside, NY 11104

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