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Get Your Glide On - Ice Rink Openings

No Lolitas were harmed in this photo.
The weather is getting colder, which means only one thing: the ice skating rinks are starting to appear!

Before you starting planning out that long holiday present list, find your skates and try them out before asking for another pair.

Also practice that combination lock (or in my case figure out what is the combination, since I only use locks during this time of the year). 

Rockefellar Center's Ice Rink opened last week, and this Sunday marks Wollman Rink's opening.

And . . . now that Bryant Park is no longer the place to be for NYFW, The Pond is opening up October 27th, instead of the usual early November.

Check out last year's post for tips if you've forgotten how to skate properly. Hint: It's just like riding a bike.

See you on the ice!

Ice Rink at Rockefellar Center
October 15, 2011 - April 2012
601 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10017-1024
(212) 332-7654

Trump Wollman Rink
October 24, 2011 - April 2012
830 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10065-7001
(212) 439-6900
October 27, 2011 - January 2012
Bryant Park
New York, NY


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