Thursday, October 20, 2011

Streets Snaps - Lolitas at NYCC 2011

Dalin from La Vida Frills
I'll be honest and tell you I did not see much at New York Comic Con this year. Mainly because I was doing one of three things: navigating through the Javits, buying lunch and last-minute supplies for people, and hiding from the crowds.

However I made sure that I had to see two panels: "She's So Unusual" by Dalin from La Vida Frills and "Little Pink House on the Prairie" by Martha from Moss Garden.  And take some picture snaps of Lolitas if I could find any. Despite the lack of Lolita programming I did find quite a few girls.

Note: If you'd like to use these pictures for your own reference, all that I ask is for credit of some kind. No one likes when their stuff is stolen, even if it's a picture.

Cute Gothic Lolita
A character from Candy Candy
Another Gothic Lolita
Sweet Lolita taken after "She's So Unusual" panel. Since NYAF was in a glass portion of the Javits the lighting was a bit off.
Punk Lolita. Reminds me of Nana Kitade.
More Lolitas at "She's So Unusual" panel.
Gloomy Bear
If Apple Jack was a Lolita, she'd look like this.
Classic Lolita in green. Just in time for fall.
Another Classic shot.
Lolita version of Link.
Looking fab in Wonder Party.
Apparently she was one of this blog's readers. It was a very surreal moment meeting someone who reads your blog.

Classic Lolita with a bowler.
Goofing around at the swap meet on Saturday.
Lovely in Chess Chocolate.
Plaid to meet you.
Two Sweet Lolitas
A Lolita taking a breather from all the picture taking.

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