Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Caps upon caps - Easter Bonnet Parade 2012

What does your hat say about you?
I'll be on a bus ride back from Boston and will be sadly missing an iconic New York event. While the event is more unofficial excuse to dress up and put that glue gun you bought years ago to use, it is a fun spectacle to watch, see, and perhaps participate.

During the Victorian era, churchgoers not only wore their Sunday Best but also display their wealth through their extravagant hats.  Now it's become a Hallmark ritual on how fanciful or ridiculous you can make/wear

Decorate an old hat you have no use for or get those brain juices flowing with creativity. Peeps are optional but very effective.  Plus you bought Happy Garden for this very reason.

Check out pictures taken from last year for some last-minute ideas.
Easter Parade
April 8th, 2012
10AM - 4PM
49th-57th Streets (along 5th Avenue)

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