Thursday, April 19, 2012

Street Snaps - Anime Boston 2012

La Vida Frills is headlining street snaps post again
This was my first AnimeBoston as press and as a general attendee.  Living in New York and getting to know alot of Lolitas within my own city, I was unsure what the scene would be like in Boston. Surprisingly I met some wonderful people and did lots of picture taking.

If I've taken a photo of you and would like me to take it down. Please feel free to send me an email.

Creepy Cute in Fantasic Dolly.

This Sweet Lolita was such a trooper with her soft cast.

A Sweet Lolita bride.

Lolita BFFs

Gothic Lolita rocking black and plaid.

Maid and Sweet.

Punk Lolita.

Ponies and Carousels was her theme. Tiny carousel included.

Wa-Lolita at PAX.

Vampires at the Iron Gates.

This Classic Lolita was so adorable with her simple coordinate.

Cult-party and Sweet Lolita killing time.

Hime works very well with this print.

Lolita waiting in line for the Lolita panel/fashion show.

A Strawberry Lolita cute enough to eat.

I sat next to this girl during the panel. She was so worried about the lace on her dress, but she looks very good for a new Lolita don't you think?

Another Lolita in line.

Rocking in Red.

Models posing for more pictures post-panel.

Cute Lolita in Classic.

This girl recognized me from the Tokyo Rebel signing.

More Classic.

Group shot before staff kicked everyone out of the panel room.

The Lolitas who ran the fashion panel and fashion show.
Expect a post on the entire event soon! See anyone you recognize?

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