Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Brunch : Elephant & Castle

Menu says it all.
Elephant & Castle was a place that my husband and I had planned to go but never got around to it. Two years to be exact. And since we had a long weekend and hardly any definite plans we decided on this place for brunch.

Located in the Greenwich Village, actually near Tea and Sympathy, Elephant & Castle is small so be sure your entire dining company is present and prepare for a wait.  But like Tea and Sympathy they use every inch of their space to accommodate as much people as they can allow - there was a two-person table in that could only be classified as a nook.
Elephant teapots.
Since it was just us, we actually never waited and were seated right away.  True to it's name there was elephant paraphernalia on shelves.  And it's name is actually named after a pub name after the voyage Charles I made to marry the "Enfanta de Castile." The marriage never happened, but the pub stayed and eventually the English pronunciation became Elephant & Castle.
No handles neccsessary. A Spanish Latte: latte with condensed milk.
The food is very simply but rich. And we both decided to get different versions of Eggs Benedict. He went straight for the Eggs Benedict with Apples (instead of Ham) on top of French Toast. As bizarre as it was good because of the sweetness of the apples balancing out the creaminess of the hollandaise.
As you can see there are utensils waiting to dig in
I went with a more classic Eggs Benedict but with Potato Pancakes instead of English muffin. Again rich and extremely filling.  The potato pancake was more like a potato patty but still good nonetheless.  Be prepared with an empty stomach; I was barely able to finish with only two bites left.
Eggs Benedict and Potato Pancakes
They take credit cards and the price was pretty average for New York City. The only suggestion I have is to never go with more than a group of four.

Elephant & Castle
68 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10011

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