Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Bryant Park Holiday Shop Picks!

The Holiday Shops and the ice rink opened up last Friday, leaving me to grab my skates and head to Midtown after work. After a couple of rounds on the ice, I decided to check out the shops that were all ready for business. There were some old favorites, new shops, and some relocations. As well as plenty of food.

Caution: You may get hungry. 

Animated Closet - A shop for people who like shopping for PopArt style clothes to match their quirky fashion sense. 
Big Apple Cider - One of the best shops with hot apple cider. It's a spot I always warm up at after a couple of rounds of skating. Ask for a cinnamon stick.
Jammin' Nut - A new shop for this season that brings you home with PB&J. Mixing their love of music and comfort food with sandwiches like "Fiona Apple" (apple butter, peanut butter and gala apple slices) and Smashing Pumpkins (pumpkin butter, cinnamon, crunchy peanut butter and sliced apples on whole wheat). Goes extremely well with Big Apple Cider who is right next door.

Kettle Corn NYC - is always a favorite with their free samples and their cloud-like, melt-in-your-mouth popcorn. It's still in the same old spot right as you exit the ice rink. 

Le Churreria - Last year I stumbled upon this shop when there was long line at Big Apple Cider. This year it's back with the usual Bavarian cranberry spice cider (my favorite now!) and churros. 

Macarons and Cookies by Woops - This shop will be a definite stop for Lolitas doing shopping or skating or both. It may be hard to spot with the long line, so to help people out it is closest booth in front of Celsius.  And then stop by LT Burger for more macaron goodness with a Macaron Shake. 
Max Brenner - Need I say more? It is chocolate after all.  I urge all of you to find out what a chocolate syringe is and find out what chocolate by the bald man tastes like. 

Stone Flower - another old favorite and has move from its normal location to what looks like a bigger booth. With charms and trinkets of all kinds, this place is good for last-minute presents or gift exchanges.

Raaka Chocolate claims to be vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients. It's also locally made in Brooklyn. 

Wafels and Dinges - For curious readers, dinges are simple toppings. And for an extra $2 you can get an unlimited amount of dinges on your wafel. Be aware to hide your wafel as you walk past jeaslous passerbys.

Wonderwarmers - These handy gadgets will keep you warm again and again this winter.  As a whim my husband made a purchase from this shop and now it's a holiday present list staple.

WRecords by Monkey - A shop I think people should check out if they are into DIY and upcycling. It's a shop that has taken old, unplayable vinyl records and turned them into wearable jewelry, wallets, and hangable decor.  Last year, I treated myself to a pair of earrings with the NYC skyline.

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