Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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New York Fashion Week has just begun, and while we all can't get inside the tents at Lincoln Center nor wear the high-end designer brands, we can at least look like it.

And I don't mean schlepping to Chinatown to buy fakes (because people who matter can often tell).

Sometimes all it takes is a glue gun, some creativity, and a trip to Micheals. I love sites like ISpyDIY, HonestlyWTF, Violet LeBeaux, and sometimes Cupcakes and Cashmere because they offer a lot of tutorials on making editorial-worthy projects with simple materials.  ISpyDIY and HonestlyWTF tutorials focus on items and projects that could be easily seen in a magazine spread but you could also make yourself with a few tools.

And they look just as good.

DIY is an ongoing trend amongst Lolitas and general fashion followers who want to make outfits even more unique and personalized. Not only that but incorporating DIY items can reignite your passion for Lolita fashion if it's been fading for awhile.  It also can be inexpensive (depending on the project). And of course a fun project to show off to your friends and family.

In Gothic Lolita Bibles and JFashion mooks you can find patterns for dresses and accessories.  However sometimes they require a higher-level of sewing skill I don't have. I do however crochet and knit quite a bit, and when wearing Lolita coordinates I try to include more handmade accessories for a more personalized touch.  Well done handmade accessories are not only small projects you can devote a day to, but they are often simple enough that anyone can do.

Plus it's nice to brag about something you've made.

Here are a few of my favorites that are on my "Nothing-To-Do" list.

For those who crochet/knit, sites like Ravelry, Lionbrand, and Caron are great free resources for patterns (Note: For access to Ravelry and Lionbrand you would need to sign up for an account; plus side it's free).  And if you are looking for specific patterns look towards Etsy and eBay - especially when it comes to finding vintage patterns and the like.

FYeah Lolita has a post on a long informative list of tutorials I simply can't compete with.

Do you have any projects you've been meaning to work on? Whether it be a massive sewing project or something you've been meaning to try? 

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