Thursday, February 7, 2013

Loli-Date with ParfaitDoll

Last Friday Victoria from ParfaitDoll was interested in coming into the city for an afternoon, so we decided to meet up for some lunch and shopping. She had a determined interest in visiting Ladureé's New York location, so I suggested Mon Petit Cafe.
Mon Petit Cafe was a restaurant I discovered with my husband as we were on our way to Central Park.  It's a cute French cuisine bistro that I now take people whenever I have the chance to go uptown.  It's also a good alternative for those who are unable to get into Alice's Tea Cup Chapter II location as this place is just a few blocks down Lexington Avenue.
It was the first time I was there on a weekday at lunch hour and it was bustling with locals.  We were seated quickly, I chose an Omelette du Jour, which was red and green peppers with fries while Victoria went with a Croque-Monsieur.  Overall the meal was good, but I prefer their quiche than the omelette.  For a tea and meal it came out to under $20, pretty good for New York pricing.  Which that extra cash can be used for Ladureé.

Macarons in the window are not for eating, but the boxes are certainly for purchasing.
Ladureé, the inventor of the macaron, landed in New York two years ago and now you can often find the line out the door.  Thankfully we did not have to wait long and were able to browse with attentive shopgirls nipping at our feet.

Accidentally ate the rose macaron before I thought of taking a picture.
Macarons are $2.80 each and you can order it in a decorative box or a bag. The art on the boxes range from their classic Ladureé logo to limited edition box art featuring Hello Kitty, Tsumori Chisato, Disney, etc. So when in doubt, always go for a box.  They also sell truffles, chocolate, and gelato with a macaron, as well as a gift section with notebooks, scarves, candles and the like.

My growing Laduree box collection.
 Again also a few blocks away from Alice's Tea Cup, and Laduree is my side trip place when I early for a brunch at Alice's. On another note, I had the guts to ask about any news on their SoHo location, but for right now they could only say it could possibly open in the fall. Cross your fingers!

Then we strolled through Central Park and warmed up in UniQlo, eyeing the new Sanrio collaboration.  It's nice to hangout with a fellow Lolita one on one, as well as get to show them some of my favorite places in New York City.

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  1. I can't wait for the other Laudurée location to open!