Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri

Things have been busy as I am in a wedding of a good friend of mine. And as she was counting down the days, I was traveling back and forth from New York to Boston to help out with the festivities.  Last weekend, I traveled for a bachelorette celebration.

Since there was going to be a lot of late night activity, I booked a hotel for all of us to avoid time constraints and the hassle of missing the trains (Boston's MBTA shuts down around midnight, unlike NYC's 24/7 subway system).  The Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center fit the bill, as I was looking for something central and easy to get to.  Behind the Hynes Convention Center and a short walk from Copley Square, this hotel is very unassuming.

At $100 a night for 3 people in the center of Boston it was a steal. When I went I was a skeptic at first since it was the weekend and a quiet corner.  However the room was very spacious compared to some closet-sized hotel rooms I've been to.  Since we were literally using it just as a place to sleep it was good for all we wanted.

We all met up at the Langham Hotel to partake in Cafe Fleuri's Chocolate Bar - a buffet of the chocolate variety.  I ended up taking the Orange Line from the hotel to Downtown Crossing and walked along Franklin Street until I saw the hotel.  While The Chocolate Bar is a seasonal thing (Saturdays September to June), it was fortunate the bride's bachelorette party was around that time.

For some reason I did not expect a literal chocolate buffet, but indeed there was and like our waiter told us, we "tried everything."  From crepes to ice cream to tiny little cakes to cupcakes and, of course, a fondue fountain.

First Course.
Second Course
Third Course.
There was even a DJ in the corner for upbeat entertainment as you try to take as many tiny dishes as possible.  As much as I wanted to photograph everything, I also wanted to eat everything so a lot of the food did not get recorded.  The two plates below managed to survive unscathed.  Then again it was a lot of chocolate.

Madeleine and Passionfruit Tart
Some type of mousse with white chocolate chips.
However for an all-you-can-eat buffet it was well worth $40 (tax and tip not included).  This also included unlimited tea and coffee, which I gladly took advantage of to balance out all the chocolate.  Hopefully I will be able to go again sometime before this year's season's over. Though for any size groups I recommend making a reservation for prime seating.

The Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri
250 Franklin Street
Boston, MA 02110

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