Friday, February 6, 2015

LBC: Who Inspires You in Lolita

This will be a bit cheesy, but honestly the answer to whom I'm inspired by is all of you!  Since starting Lolita and the City and deciding to cover conventions and eventually creating my own version of "Street Snaps", I've seen so many personal styles.
Rose Boudoir Tea Party
Tokyo Rebel/ Baby, Stars Shine Bright Opening
Sebastian Masuda Meet & Greet in Bryant Park
Japan Expo 2013
It gives me great joy seeing meet new people and see what they do with the basic guidelines of Lolita fashion.  Which in turn, inspires me to challenge myself with new styles and new outfits - appreciating the fashion and the passionate community.

Of course this is my own personal answer, check out below what other people's inspirations are:

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