Sunday, December 17, 2017

Simple and clean: MapleHolistics Review!

With all the makeup applied to complete your Lolita style, it’s also important to take care of your skin after all that social interaction.  In my 30s I'm still suffering from breakouts and constantly dreaming of a healthy complexion. As such I’ve made it an initiative to develop a skincare routine and really have been investing in Korean skincare routine. At the time MapleHolistics contacted me to try out their products just when I was ready to try new products for my regime.


Attracted by their natural ingredients and production, I was willing to give them a try!

Grapeseed Oil. Despite having oily skin and still have cystic acne every now and then, the Grapeseed Oil helps during breakouts (despite being oil)! Whenever I felt any developing I would spot apply with the oil. It doesn’t get rid of acne completely but it does keep it in check when it comes to reducing pain and swelling. Although be wary of the amount you apply - for my skin type I tend incorporate it in my nighttime routine when it has a tendency to be drier. Make sure to apply a small layer because it is still oil it can work in reverse ( and could cause potential breakouts). But this would be a product I would definitely continue using.

Degrease Natural Shampoo. I had wanted to try because after using LUSH's Rehab shampoo and hoping it would have a similar effect. It does have a pine-y scent and it does effectively remove any excess oils from the day but had to heavily condition afterwards. Note: My hair was dyed recently so it has been drier than usual and would probably recommend this product for those who keep their hair natural and untreated.

There is a link for free samples which I highly recommend if you are unsure what products would be best.

NOTE: This is a sponsored review.

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